What is the Continuing Education Department?
The Continuing Education Department is the area of the college devoted to economic, workforce, and enrichment programs for the business sector and the community at large. Included in this division are various departments that provide professional training, leisure courses, as well as outreach to the community in terms of business assistance, a civic center, lecture series, and customized educational programs. Our programs and services vary, but our commitment to the development of the local economy and sense of community is shared throughout these divisional departments.
How do I register for a Continuing Education short course?
Click here for registration details.
When can I register for classes?
Registration is ongoing and open for the majority of our classes. In some cases, you will need to wait until a specific date to register, however this will be noted in the class details of the online schedule.
Register early to secure your seat and to ensure the course meets enrollment criteria. Students may only register online for classes prior to the class start date. Late registration is possible for certain classes up until the 10% date of the course and must be done in person or by phone.
How much do courses cost?
Tuition fees for Community Enrichment and Self Supporting classes vary and are guided by the costs involved in delivering the course.
Tuition fees for Occupational Extension Courses are set by the NC Legislature and based on total hours of the course.
  • 1-24 hours - $70.00
  • 25-49 hours - $125.00
  • 50+ hours - $180.00
  • Additional charges may include insurance and technology fees
FREE Classes and Programs?
College & Career Readiness/High School programs are free of charge
Emergency Service and Human Resource Development classes may be fee waived with proper documentation
What payment methods are accepted?
Payment is required at the time of registration to reserve your seat. Register online via MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Cash, check, or credit card are acceptable payments for walk-ins and phone-in calls.
Do I need to purchase books and materials for my classes?
Books and materials may be required for certain classes at an additional charge
Refer to the course schedule to find out if textbooks or materials are required for your class.
To purchase textbooks in person at your Lee or Harnett CCCC campus location, remember to bring your class registration receipt with your course number and student ID.
To purchase textbooks online through the CCCC bookstore, or to check store hours and locations, click here.
What age must I be to register for a class?
In general, a student must be at least 16 years old to register and attend a continuing education course. There are exceptions in the summer term for enrichment programs geared toward minors.
Who can register online?
You must be 18 years or older to register online
You must have a required active email account
You must have an acceptable form of payment MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover
If you are a returning student registering online and receive the error message that you cannot be uniquely identified, contact the Student Support Center at (919) 718-7500 to verify or update your contact information.
What programs offer online registration?
Most classes are available for online registration.
Classes requiring pre-requisites or document verification will require instructor or staff approval prior to online registration.
Can I register for a course and pay through third party billing?
At the time of registration, a letter on official company letterhead, is required specifying your name and course, and also the name and address of the person to receive the invoice.
What programs qualify for a tuition waiver?
Emergency Services Training Courses
  • Registration fees may be waived for both Paid and Volunteer Firefighters, Fire Department personnel, EMS and Rescue workers, and Law Enforcement Officers in the state of North Carolina.
  • EMS and Fire personnel in a North Carolina Department will be verified through department rosters
  • Employees of privately owned, federal, and for-profit agencies are not eligible for tuition waivers
  • Former students with current waiver information on file may register online through WebAdvisor.
  • New students may submit a request for a WebAdvisor Student Waiver Account by completing and submitting the form below.
  • Account Set Up Request Form for ESTC (Please allow 1-2 business days for us to verify and set up your account.)
Human Resource Development Courses (HRD)/Job Seeker/Unemployed
  • If you have received notification of a layoff or are currently unemployed, you may qualify for a tuition waiver that will help you with your job search and job-readiness skills.
  • To register for Human Resource Development courses (HRD), download and complete the Student Registration and Waiver Form.
  • You may contact our office for help completing the waiver application and registration forms.
How do I drop a class and request a refund?
In order to drop a class for refund, a formal request must be made to the Continuing Education office at (919) 718-7500
The refund process time is 4-6 weeks
A student refund will come in the form of credit card reimbursement or a check, depending upon the original payment method
Download the Student Refund Request Form.
Refund Policy
Students who withdraw from a class prior to the start date of the class are eligible to receive a full (100%) refund
Students withdrawing from a class on the first day of class and before the 10% date will receive a 75% refund
Students withdrawing from a class after the 10% census date of the course are not eligible for any refund
Why did my class get cancelled?
At times it may be necessary for Central Carolina Community College to cancel a class. If any course is cancelled by CCCC, a full refund will be given to the student. EARLY registration will help ensure a class makes.
What is the attendance policy?
The 80% class attendance policy requires students to participate in at least 80% of the course in order to receive a satisfactory completion grade and be awarded CEUs. This policy is specified for most Continuing Education classes at CCCC.
Do Continuing Education classes provide course credit?
Courses are non-credit training and enrichment classes and do not provide college credit.
Professional Development programs do provide Continuing Education Credits (CEU's).
What is Ed2Go and how do I register for Ed2Go courses?
Ed2Go courses are certificate and enrichment classes with instruction provided completely online. They offer flexible start dates for students and are provided on demand. For more information on Ed2Go or to search and register for an Ed2Go course, click here.
Can I obtain federal financial aid for continuing education classes?
No, federal financial aid is not available for continuing education classes. However, a limited number of scholarships are available for occupational courses each year.
What scholarship programs are available to help with my financial responsibilities?
Central Carolina Community College has several scholarship opportunities for students wishing to enroll in occupational training or certification courses, including funds that may be available to assist with tuition, fees, books, supplies, and child care. For more information call the Student Support Center at (919) 718-7500 or check out our Scholarships page.
How can I find out what pre-requisites are required to enroll in specific programs?
Information about pre-requisites can be found in the class details of the online schedule. You can also call the Student Support Center if you have any questions about class requirements and eligibility.
Can I teach a course?
We are always recruiting adjunct instructors and trainers to deliver courses in our departments. Requirements vary depending on the nature of the course, but include credentials and experience. If you are interested in teaching, click here to complete an application and submit it to the college Human Resources Department or the contact person on the specific department homepage.
I need a speaker for my civic group, who should I contact?
We have several faculty and staff that would be glad to speak to your groups. For more information, contact the Continuing Education office at (919) 718-7500.
Are disability services available?
Yes, to help all students meet their educational goals, the college has a variety of services available to help individuals with disabilities. To discuss disability services and accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Services Office at (919) 718-7416 or email at sas@cccc.edu. Additional information about the disability services policy can be found on the Office of Student Accessibility Services website.