We are passionate about supporting college-wide decision-making with timely, accurate, and actionable information.

The Institutional Research (IR) department strives to provide accurate, meaningful data to all areas of the institution. Although much of our work is behind-the-scenes, we supply information and guide the planning and decision-making processes for all aspects of the college, including admissions, enrollment, student success, general education, program plans, student learning outcomes, and many more. We offer information in context with a given issue to our local college administrators, as well as state, federal, and accrediting agencies, in support of our continued good standing with all bodies of oversight. Projects in IR routinely compare data from CCCC to those from similar institutions, to benchmark our effectiveness and shortcomings, and to prepare plans for our continuous improvement.

We are committed to promoting an institutional "Culture of Evidence" to encourage data-informed decision-making and continuous improvement college-wide. Some examples of responsibilities of our department are:

  • Ad-hoc Data Requests
  • Data Reports and Dashboards
  • Annual and Ad-hoc Surveys
  • Assistance/Training for Data Literacy
  • State and Federal Reporting
  • Infographics