Dental Hygiene

Meet the Students

Dental Hygiene student pictures Dental Hygiene student pictures Dental Hygiene student pictures Dental Hygiene student pictures

I was so excited to be accepted into the CCCC Dental Hygiene Program. The teachers were so helpful and went above and beyond to help us when we needed them. I'm so appreciative to the CCCC Dental Hygiene Program for making me the hygienist I am today. I love helping my patients and could not imagine doing anything else.

Amy Hargis - DH Class of 2021

My experience in the Dental Hygiene Program at CCCC was unlike any of the graduates in the past because my class was challenged with the hardships of a pandemic. The instructors and staff at CCCC worked constantly through the ever-changing times to ensure that we got the same education virtually as we would have in person and I truly appreciated that because it allowed us to graduate on time. Also, everyone pulled together to make sure we caught up on our clinics once we were able to return to campus which made me feel prepared to enter the real world of dental hygiene. The way the instructors and staff handled these unknown times truly shows that they care for their students and want them to succeed. Being a graduate of the CCCC Dental Hygiene Program makes me feel proud to know that I came from such an amazing program.

Monica Cuevas - DH Class of 2021, DA Class of 2016

"I am not the same person I was when I started this journey. The Dental Hygiene program has allowed me to evolve into a more caring and compassionate individual with the desire to help others. This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. Anything worth having is worth working hard for."

Scott Duff, DH Class of 2015

"Dental Hygiene isn't just about a job; it's about passion, determination, and commitment. It's about the pathway that leads to the end goal of helping people to create and maintain healthy lifestyles on a daily basis."

Samantha Morgan, DH Class of 2014

"The Dental Hygiene Program at CCCC prepared me very well for my position as a Registered Dental Hygienist in private practice. Great education, small class size, and the instructors are top notch and truly care about you."

Brittany Vick, DH Class of 2011

"I love the small class size because it gave students more one on one time with our instructors. I learn better in a smaller environment so my favorite thing about the Dental Hygiene Program was that we were able to have so much time with faculty."

Haley Cox, DH Class of 2009