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Classroom Observations

Any instructor at Central Carolina Community College can request the Center for Organizational Excellence come to their classroom and observe a class period. This can be a lecture or laboratory section. We will attempt to send two instructors to observe. However sometimes our schedules only allow one to attend the class. The instructors who will be observing you have been chosen because their peers have acknowledged them as excellent instructors. These observations are intended to be the beginning of an open dialogue about how each instructor might improve their instruction. For more information, please complete the interest form.

Contact: Dr. Jaime McLeod

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Cougar Kudos Messaging

Would you like to express your appreciation or congratulations to a colleague? Sending them a thoughtful message is a wonderful way to express your gratitude, and to reinforce your appreciation for their hard work. The Center for Organizational Excellence is sponsoring Cougar Kudos Messaging as a quick, effective way to recognize others.

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Course Development

The Center for Organizational Excellence offers instructional design and technology and design consultation, course development, ADA Compliance information, and an Online Teaching Community. If a Distance Education course is planned, it must be original. The instructor and supervisor must agree, prior to development, that the proposed distance education course merits compensation. Approval must also be sought from the department dean, Director of Distance Education and Instructional Design.

For more information, please contact Lisa Knight or Dr. Jaime McLeod.

Course Development Proposal

Focus Groups

For instructors interested in receiving feedback from their students during the semester, the teaching academy will conduct a focus group session during a classroom or laboratory session. The instructor will need to allocate 20 minutes of a class period for us to conduct the question and answer period. The results will be collated and discussed with the instructor either that day or the next. For more information, please complete the interest form.

Contact: Lisa Knight or Dr. Jaime McLeod.

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Library Resources for Professional Development

Your CCCC Library offers access to a world of resources to support your professional development! Find books about teaching and learning, leadership, academia, and more, or search for new research in your field using our databases.

Monthly Employee Recognition

This award program is intended to show immediate appreciation and recognition of individuals for exceptional contributions and customer service inside or outside of their departments. Any individual may submit an Employee Nomination Form to recognize a college employee for their special effort or service.

Program Goals

  • Increase employee engagement through recognizing positive employee behaviors
  • Promote positive employee-to-employee and employee-to-student interactions on campus in order to further a learning first culture

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If you have questions or concerns, please contact Erin Blakeley (919) 718-7276 or

Teaching Communities

The Center for Organizational Excellence will serve as a facilitator for the organization of teaching communities. Each community will be composed of 8 to 10 instructors from across multiple disciplines at CCCC. Each will act independently but should plan on meeting at least monthly. At each meeting one person will take the lead for the meeting to discuss some aspect of teaching either specifically from their own classes or teaching in general. These communities will allow instructors an opportunity for an open discussion of all aspects of teaching. If you are interested, please complete the interest form.

Contact: Lisa Knight or Dr. Jaime McLeod.

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