Students who must move to Sanford to attend Central Community College are always concerned about housing arrangements. On-campus housing is not available at North Carolina Community Colleges. We always try to assist student and parents in finding suitable housing.

The Housing Officer acts only as a liaison or referral agent and maintains a list of those persons in the area who wish to rent to students. Students are provided information such as realtors, landlords, maps, etc. You may obtain this information by contacting Karen Minter at (919) 718-7300 or toll free in North Carolina, 1-800-682-5383, ext. 7300.

Students may wish to share expenses with a roommate. The Housing Officer can assist with this also. Again, the Housing Officer is primarily a referral agent. It is up to the student and the landlord to make the housing arrangement. Pets are occasionally allowed in some properties (usually apartment complexes). Most private residences' do not allow pets.

Area Realtors and Apartment Complexes

Lee County

Harnett County

Chatham County

Relocation Resources

Sanford, NC (Lee County)
The City of Sanford
Downtown Sanford
Lee County, NC
Lillington, NC (Harnett County)
Lillington Chamber of Commerce
Harnett County, NC
Pittsboro, NC (Chatham County)
The Town of Pittsboro
Pittsboro Chamber of Commerce
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