Why Give

Every time someone gives, a student is impacted. 100% of the donations to the foundation go directly to fund needs of our students and the college.

Headshot of Avion Jordan

Avion Jordan CCCC Student

This scholarship provided me the opportunity to stay in school. I am even more inspired to reach my goals. I now know that I will be able to complete my Associate in Arts Degree and transfer to a four-year college because of this encouragement and financial support.

You know what you're supporting.

Your donations go directly to fund the college, its programs, and its students. Our primary focus is to make college affordable for our students, but the Foundation also helps to ensure that technology and faculty/staff training needs are met.

Your support closes a financial gap.

State allocations do not cover all the needs of the college's programs and services. Your donation helps to fill the financial gap when state dollars are not enough. In 2015 - 2016, the Foundation provided more than $350,000 to help cover needs of the students, faculty, and academic programs.

Your contribution will have a lasting impact.

Leave a legacy by funding an endowment. Your gift will keep giving by providing scholarships to students for years to come. In 2015 - 2016, scholarships brightened the future for 218 CCCC students with more than $199,000 awarded to these deserving individuals.

Headshot of Wayne Staton, Jr.

Wayne Staton, Jr. Staton Group, LLC

I strongly believe in the mission of the community college. It is the main economic engine that drives the region. It provides local businesses with a readily trained workforce, and it provides people with an available opportunity to get trained for employment, or to improve their skills to be able to advance in their careers. … From my personal experience, I get such a huge feeling of gratification from helping a deserving student obtain an education. More people should know that this is an excellent way that they can give back to and support their community, and inevitably we all win.

You're investing in your community.

A majority of our students live and work in Lee, Harnett, and Chatham counties. They raise their families here. They join civic organizations. And they contribute to an ever-growing and vibrant community.

You're helping the local economy.

The college helps to provide a well-trained workforce that enables our community to thrive. How do we know? Employers tell us that CCCC students are equipped with the right skills.

The Foundation is a good steward of your dollars.

100% of the donations received by the Foundation go directly to support the students, faculty, and staff of CCCC. With no overhead costs, we are able to serve more students and, because of your generosity, impact their lives and futures.

The CCCC Foundation Scholarship has allowed me to further my education when all odds are against me. With the CCCC Foundation Scholarship and self-determination I am determined to push forward and achieve my dreams. I want others to be inspired and believe that their dreams are achievable no matter their circumstances.

Headshot of Syreeta Shoffner

Syreeta Shoffner CCCC Student

United Way is a proud supporter of the CCCC Foundation