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What is Follett ACCESS?

The Follett ACCESS program allows campuses to provide required course & digital materials to students as part of a bulk buying program, ensuring all students are prepared with required course & digital materials on day one. With the Follett ACCESS program, all students begin the course with the same materials in the same format on the first day of class, creating a consistent learning experience both in and out of the classroom.

Only digital course materials identified by faculty and the campus as "required" are part of the program. However, all recommended materials will be made available for purchase at the local Follett campus store and local campus store website. The cost of the required course & digital materials using Follett ACCESS are added with the tuition and fees during registration. Financial aid can be used for the Follett ACCESS materials.

Students may opt out of purchasing the Follett ACCESS digital course materials provided in select CCCC classes. Students must inform their instructor of their intent to opt out and email Wendy Cotten ( by no later than 5:00 p.m. on the census (10%) date of the course. For more information about opting out, please contact Wendy Cotten at (919) 718-7391 or

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Course Material Questions

Tyler Blake
Bookstore Store Manager
(919) 718-7541

John McNeill
Course Material Manager
(919) 718-7372

Blackboard Integration Questions

Amanda Carter
Director of Distance Education
(919) 718-7515

Central Carolina Promise/K14 program

The Central Carolina Promise/K14 program provides tuition-free college classes for eligible high school graduates residing in Chatham, Harnett, or Lee counties. Central Carolina Promise/K14 pays for tuition and course fees only, and does not cover books, supplies, and other required materials (including Follett ACCESS). Promise/K14 students will be responsible for paying their textbook charges if those charges are not covered by Financial Aid or other scholarship funds.

Promise students do not need to make any payments for the Follett ACCESS titles on the Bookstore's website. Instead, Promise students will pay the balance through the CCCC Business Office.

Current Classes

Fall 2022 - Digital Materials

Course Number Course Name Sections Book Fee Publisher Name
AMC 203 Intermediate ICD Diagnoses All $107.60 McGraw-Hill
ANT 210 General Anthropology All $37.90 Oxford University Press
BAR 111 Barbering Concepts I All $1,796.33 Kit & Textbook Bundle
BIO 106 Introduction to Anatomy/Physiology/ Microbiology All $101.16 Pearson
BIO 111 General Biology I All $66.73 Pearson
BIO 112 General Biology II All $66.73 Pearson
BIO 163 Basic Anatomy and Physiology All $85.19 McGraw Hill
BIO 168 Anatomy and Physiology I All $74.71 Pearson
BIO 169 Anatomy and Physiology II All $74.71 Pearson
BIO 175 General Microbiology All $106.50 Pearson
BPT 111 Broadcast Law & Ethics All $80.70 McGraw Hill
BUS 110 Introduction to Business All $85.19 McGraw Hill
BUS 125 Personal Finance All $116.57 McGraw Hill
BUS 234 Training and Development All $112.09 McGraw Hill
BUS 240 Business Ethics All $85.19 McGraw Hill
BUS 256 Recruiting, Selection & Personnel Planning All $112.09 McGraw Hill
BUS 258 Compensation and Benefits All $112.09 McGraw Hill
CHM 151 General Chemistry I Not LB1/LB2 $74.71 Pearson
CHM 152 General Chemistry II All $74.71 Pearson
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers All $117.69 Cengage
CIS 111 Basic PC Literacy All $117.69 Cengage
COM 120 Intro to Interpersonal Communication All $33.09 Pearson
COS 111 Cosmetology Concepts I All $2,249.74 Kit & Textbook Bundle
COS 117 Cosmetology Concepts IV All $46.44 CIMA Exam Prep
COS 119 Esthetics Concepts I All $967.95 ESTH KIT + Textbook Bundle
CTS 115 Information Systems Business Concept All $112.08 Pearson
CUL 110 Sanitation & Safety All $107.28 Natl. Restaurant Assn
CUL 120 Purchasing All $99.81 Natl. Restaurant Assn
DRA 111 Theatre Appreciation All $71.74 McGraw Hill
ELC 112 DC/AC Electricity All $86.97 McGraw Hill
ELC 128 Introduction to PLC All $86.53 McGraw Hill
ELC 131 Circuit Analysis I All $86.97 McGraw Hill
ELC 228 PLC Applications All $86.53 McGraw Hill
ENG 011 Writing and Inquiry Support All $33.36 Cengage
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry All $30.69 WW Norton
ENG 114 Professional Research and Reporting All $39.22 Cengage
GEL 111 Introductory Geology All $77.11 McGraw Hill
HIS 111 World Civilizations I Not L01/L02 $37.35 Cengage
HIS 112 World Civilizations II All $37.35 Cengage
HIT 110 Intro to Healthcare & HIM All $50.71 Elsevier
HIT 112 Health Law & Ethics All $46.70 McGraw Hill
HIT 114 Health Data Sys/Standards All $110.19 COPIA/AHIMA
HIT 211 ICD Coding All $107.60 McGraw Hill
HIT 213 Inpt Proc Coding & Reporting All $115.74 COPIA/AHIMA
HIT 215 Revenue Cycle Management All $56.50 McGraw Hill
HIT 217 Quality & Data Analysis All $110.19 COPIA/AHIMA
HIT 218 Mgmt Principles in HIT All $115.74 COPIA/AHIMA
HIT 221 Lifecycle of EHR All $128.10 Paradigm Education Solutions
HIT 280 HIM Capstone All $137.18 Cengage
MAC 153 Compound Angles All $43.89 Cengage
MAT 010 Math Measurement & Literacy Support All $14.68 Pearson
MAT 021 Algebra/Trigonometry 1 Support All $14.68 Pearson
MAT 071 Precalculus Algebra Support All $33.36 Cengage
MAT 121 Algebra/Trigonometry I All $112.08 Pearson
MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy All $104.03 McGraw Hill
MAT 152 Statistical Methods I All $88.74 Cengage
MAT 171 Precalculus Algebra All $98.08 Cengage
MAT 172 Precalculus Trigonometry All $98.08 Cengage
MAT 263 Brief Calculus All $98.08 Cengage
MAT 271 Calculus I All $122.36 Cengage
MED 118 Medical Law and Ethics All $80.70 McGraw Hill
MED 121 Medical Terminology I ALL $84.07 Cengage
MED 131 Administrative Office Procedures II All $56.50 McGraw Hill
MED 140 Exam Room Procedures I All $160.87 McGraw Hill
MKT 223 Customer Service All $94.40 McGraw Hill
MUS 110 Music Appreciation All $63.38 WW Norton
NUT 110 Nutrition All $42.68 Random House
OST 136 Word Processing All $66.20 SimNet/McGraw-Hill
OST 148 Med Ins & Billing All $56.50 McGraw Hill
OST 149 Med Legal Issues All $80.70 McGraw Hill
PHY 151 College Physics I All $54.83 Cengage
PHY 251 General Physics I All $54.83 Cengage
POL 120 American Government All $42.03 WW Norton
PSY 241 Developmental Psychology All $26.69 Lumen
SON 110 Intro to Sonography All $192.15 Trajecsys
SPA 111 Elementary Spanish I All $112.09 Cengage