Culinary Arts

Instructors and Staff

These instructors and the adjunct instructors are extremely dedicated and enthusiastic about Culinary Arts. They all bring a great amount of knowledge and form the perfect team of instructors. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you!

Chef Regina Minter-Hargett, Department Chair for Culinary Arts & Hospitality grew an inspiration and passion for cooking as a young child watching her grandmother cook for holidays. As she matured and understood cooking, she enrolled in a culinary arts class where she first met Chef Hamm. After taking two years of his class she learned how to enhance her personal cooking and also the hospitality side of the industry. At that point in high school, she knew she wanted to make Culinary Arts her career. While working close with Chef Hamm, she entered Johnson and Wales University. While attending JWU, she obtained an associate degree in Culinary Arts. Two years later, she received a bachelor degree in Foodservice Management.

Since graduation, Chef Regina has managed many parts of the foodservice industry including fast food, theme parks, family dining, and institutional facilities. Regina has now joined CCCC as a Department Chair for Culinary Arts & Hospitality and plans to share her passion with others interested in the industry.

Chef Kelly Burton, Culinary Instructor comes from a family of cooks. Her sisters are professional chefs, her mother is a private caterer and her father is a home bbq'er. After graduating from University of Illinois with a degree in Economics, Kelly decided on a post graduate path at Kendall Culinary School. After Kendall, Kelly honed her skills in fine dining restaurants around Chicago until a move to Greensboro, NC, landed her in a teaching position. Kelly taught culinary for 6 years in Greensboro until her sister asked her to move to New Mexico to open a restaurant. After eight years in the restaurant business and two award winning restaurants under her belt, Kelly left her sister in charge and returned to North Carolina to continue her passion of teaching people to cook. Then she took a sabbatical for two years traveling Southeast Asia and attending cooking classes and market tours. She has now returned to her passion with a new portfolio of experience under her belt.

Chef De-Ven J. Atkinson, Culinary Instructor grew a strong passion for cooking during an early age as he watched his grandmother, mother, aunts and uncles cook for countless family gatherings, birthdays, reunions, and holidays. As he grew older he wanted to learn more about food and after graduating high school, he immediately enrolled into the Culinary Arts program at the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. This began a great chapter in his life he called his "Culinary Journey." During his time there he really grasped, learned, and passionately executed his unique skills in the Culinary Arts field to the best of his abilities; earning great respect from his instructors and colleagues. He graduated from Ai with an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts Management, and continued his great and adventurous Culinary Journey.

Chef Atkinson has supervised and worked in many hotels/resorts, retirement facilities, and catering companies. He is also the humble Chef/CEO of "MmmmHmmm Good Catering Services." He is elated and excited to be a part of CCCC as a Sustainable Culinary Arts Instructor and plans to share his passion and joy for cooking with others and help them find their "UN" (Unique Nitch) which he believe is important to have in the Culinary Industry.

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