Building Construction Technology

CCCC is pleased to offer an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Building Construction Technologies (BCT). This area of study prepares students for today’s growing job market in the construction industry by combining hands-on training with classroom instruction to provide students with a solid foundation in the skills needed for this vibrant sector. The program is an extension of CCCC’s Sustainability Technologies Program which has achieved national recognition for its commitment to providing the training and tools to equip students to be at the forefront of this industry.

Building Construction Technology Program Highlights

  • Hands-on approach. Students learn by doing. Each year students build a version of The Chatham Cottage, a small 500 square foot house publically auctioned annually.
  • Foundation courses in OSHA, codes and regulations, energy analysis, architectural drawing, building science materials and methods.
  • Sustainability Technologies coursework is integrated into the curriculum to train students not only how to build, but how to build better. Students learn conventional and advanced construction techniques to best prepare for a mobile job market.
  • Students learn not only how but why. The BCT program includes courses in energy analysis, architectural drawing, building science and green building certification programs.

What Students Learn

The instructors in the BCT program come to the classroom from the field. This approach provides students with access to real world experience and connections to those working in this demanding field. Students successfully completing the Building Construction Technologies Program will be able to:

  • Develop fluency in the use of construction tools, building materials, and working safely.
  • Implement communication skills and professional demeanor to advance best work practices.
  • Develop skills in print reading, estimating, codes and regulations relevant to the construction industry.
  • Apply building construction techniques and analyze the theories and principles fundamental to building science from the small details and tricks-of-the-trade to the big picture.
  • Establish connections and relationships with businesses and potential employers.

The curriculum will be offered as a five-semester Associate in Applied Science (AAS), three-semester diploma, and two certificate options. Graduates will have the knowledge, hands-on skills, and experience expected of an entry-level candidate in the construction sector and can enter the job market or transfer credits to a four year institution.

Meet with an Advisor

Courses are available for curriculum credit or as continuing education. For more information, make an appointment with the Building Construction Technologies Advisor, Jeff Gannon, at (919) 545-8032 or email at

Please Note:
Curriculum guides are for students enrolled during the current academic year. Students enrolled in a previous academic year should visit the Program Evaluation link in Self-Service to find the required list of courses for graduation. For assistance, consult your advisor.