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CCCC Christmas tree distinctive to college

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Click to enlarge,  The Central Carolina Community College Welding Technology Fabrication 151 class has assembled the college's new Christmas tree. The annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony will take place on Thursday, Dec. 1, at 5:30 p.m. on the CCCC Lee Main Campus.

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The Central Carolina Community College Welding Technology Fabrication 151 class has assembled the ... (more)

11.30.2016College & CommunityCollege General

SANFORD - The tree for the annual Christmas tree lightening ceremony will stand a little taller and prouder this year on the campus of Central Carolina Community College. It is distinctive to the college because it embraces the vision, workmanship, and hands-on construction by students and faculty.

The quest to replace the traditional Fraser fir began in September 2015 with the Computer-Aided Drafting Technology department drawing up the plans for the structure of the tree. Bryan Truelove, a former CAD student and recent CCCC graduate, spent several hours measuring and configuring the diameter, base, and overall height of the tree. He was coached by former Lead CAD Instructor Ben Cole.

After completing a workable design, the drawings were shared with the Welding Technology Fabrication 151 class, which embraced the tree as a class project. Directed by Lead Welding Instructor Charles Bell and Welding Instructor David Myers, the students worked diligently to create the frame for the tree using hands-on machinery, cold roll pipe and welding assembly. "This has been a wonderful opportunity for students to get hands-on experience and to know the culmination of their efforts will be appreciated by the college and community during the tree lighting ceremony for years to come," said Bell.

Welding is the process of uniting or fusing metals or thermoplastics by applying intense heat. Skilled welders are in demand by large and small industries. Welding also offers the opportunity to be self-employed. Welding is a high-salary and high-skill profession. Industry, both nationally and locally, needs skilled welders. Central Carolina Community College's Welding Technology program provides the training to take advantage of these opportunities.

The tree will be unveiled at the annual CCCC Christmas tree lightening ceremony on Thursday, Dec. 1, at 5:30 p.m. on the Lee Main Campus, 1105 Kelly Drive, Sanford. The event is open to the public.

Students who assisted with the fabrication of the tree were Daniel F. Adkison, Devante Bryant, Joshua Q. Burns, David S. Cameron, Ian E. Emmendorfer, Harold R. Hinzman, Tanya R. Kamka, Evan V. Kannarr, Kevin T. McAvoy, Scott C. McAvoy, Adam D. McIntosh, Michael S. Parnell, Ryan B. Patterson, Alexander Pierce, Devin K. Rudis, III, Kelson L. Steele, Zan S. Thornton, and Christopher M. Zitterkopf. Also participating were Charles Bell, Lead Welding Instructor; Dave Myers, Welding Instructor; Bryan Truelove, former CAD student and recent CCCC graduate; and Ben Cole, former Lead CAD Instructor.

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