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Shelby Parrott named CCCC Adjunct of the Year

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Click to enlarge,  Shelby Parrott (left), Central Carolina Community College Adjunct of the Year, visits with Lisa Baker Godfrey, CCCC Dean of Health Sciences.

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Shelby Parrott (left), Central Carolina Community College Adjunct of the Year, visits with Lisa Baker ... (more)

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SANFORD - Shelby Parrott has been recognized as Central Carolina Community College's Adjunct of the Year.

Parrott, of Carthage, is a member of the Dental Programs Adjunct Faculty.

This award is given to recognize part-time faculty who have distinguished themselves as outstanding teachers with a track record of increasing student learning and promoting instructional improvements for their programs/departments.

"Shelby is the perfect selection for Central Carolina Community College's first adjunct faculty of the year award. Shelby embodies the CCCC mission, vision, and values," said Lisa Baker Godfrey, CCCC Dean of Health Sciences. "She is both a CCCC Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene graduate who has returned to CCCC Dental Programs as a faculty member. Students express that Shelby is able to explain patient situations in a way that allows them to grow and provide optimal patient care. She always makes them feel encouraged. Shelby always strives to educate the students while providing top-notch patient care."

Parrott said her coworkers kept her selection as a secret, so she was very surprised. "I didn't even know I had been nominated," said Parrott, who graduated from CCCC Dental Assisting in 2009 and CCCC Dental Hygiene in 2011. "... I love being an Adjunct and I am so thankful every day that I chose this career. Then to have the college recognize me on this level, it's an amazing feeling. I was extremely honored to receive this award."

Parrott began as a CCCC adjunct instructor in January 2013. "As an adjunct, and along with the other faculty, I'm able to work with the students and guide them into this career. I love my career and my goal is always to share this with the students," said Parrott. "At the close of each spring semester, I hate to see the second year students leave, but it's always so great when they leave with excitement and a passion for dental hygiene."

Besides serving as an adjunct, she works the other days in private practice as a dental hygienist. Parrott recently celebrated her five-year anniversary at Bhat and Associates in Pinehurst.

Parrott says what she likes most about the CCCC Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene programs are class size. "They are both small programs. Your instructors know you. They know any struggles you experience, and they can give more one-on-one attention and instruction," said Parrott.

"Regardless of which dental program you are considering, go out in a dental office and shadow the dental hygienist or the dental assistant -- and more than once. There are so many different aspects of dentistry and it's important to see this before deciding on one."

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