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CCCC hosts area legislative delegation

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Click to enlarge,  Central Carolina Community College Board of Trustees Chairman Julian Philpott (left) and CCCC President Dr. Lisa M. Chapman (second from right) visit with state legislators (left to right) Rep. Joseph Pike, Rep. John Sauls, Rep. Howard Penny Jr., Sen. Natalie S. Murdock and Sen. Jim Burgin. CCCC hosted the Legislative Delegation Breakfast on Tuesday, Jan. 24, at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center in Sanford.

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Central Carolina Community College Board of Trustees Chairman Julian Philpott (left) and CCCC President ... (more)

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SANFORD - "First-class opportunity. Leading workforce partner."

That's how Central Carolina Community College President Lisa M. Chapman described the college's mission at a Legislative Delegation Breakfast on Tuesday, Jan. 24, held at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center in Sanford.

"We are doing a whole lot ... and a whole lot is going on in our region," said Dr. Chapman. "Central Carolina is in the middle of it all."

Dr. Chapman and Julian Philpott, Chairman of the CCCC Board of Trustees, expressed their thanks to the legislators for their work in support of CCCC and community colleges. They also took time to thank local government leaders who were in attendance.

Legislators attending the breakfast included North Carolina Sen. Jim Burgin, Sen. Natalie S. Murdock, Rep. Howard Penny Jr., Rep. Joseph Pike, and Rep. John Sauls.

It was noted that the college is targeting efforts to identify skill and talent needed by employers, provide career pathways that address skill needs, engage potential talent in skill development, and facilitate communication between talent and employers.

Dr. Chapman and members of the college's leadership team discussed such items as the college's employer partnerships, career pathways, various regional partnerships, engaging potential talent (including work-based learning, apprenticeships, and expanding dual enrollment), facilitating communication within the college's communities, various student support networks - and the commitment of the CCCC Board of Trustees and from the college's faculty and staff.

"We're a first-class opportunity because of the people," said Dr. Chapman. "We have phenomenal people."

The focus then turned to a first-class opportunity for facilities - specifically, the E. Eugene Moore Manufacturing and Biotech Solutions Center. With thanks to the Lee County Board of Commissioners for its purchase of the 21.4-acre, 220,000-square-foot former Magneti Marelli manufacturing site, the Center will have the capacity to prepare the workforce for manufacturing needs today and the advanced manufacturing and biotechnology skills for the next generation of manufacturing demands.

"The Moore Center was not just a college idea, it was a community idea," said Dr. Chapman, who adds that it is easily accessible as a part of the CCCC Lee Main Campus.

"We are looking at a regional solutions center," said Margaret Roberton, CCCC Vice President for Workforce Development, who narrated a video showing proposed renovations.

Dr. Chapman noted there is a need of $50 million to complete renovations of the space focused on attracting, training, and reskilling individuals who will drive economic development around manufacturing in the state.

Chairman Philpott said he hopes legislators will be a champion in supporting this effort.

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