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CCCC's Phi Theta Kappa holds induction ceremony

Click to enlarge,  Members of the Central Carolina Community College Beta Sigma Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society.

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Members of the Central Carolina Community College Beta Sigma Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International ... (more)

Click to enlarge,  General scene from the Central Carolina Community College Beta Sigma Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society induction ceremony.

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General scene from the Central Carolina Community College Beta Sigma Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa ... (more)

Click to enlarge,  Philip White, Phi Theta Kappa Carolinas Regional President, speaks at the Central Carolina Community College Beta Sigma Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society induction ceremony.

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Philip White, Phi Theta Kappa Carolinas Regional President, speaks at the Central Carolina Community ... (more)

Click to enlarge,  Central Carolina Community College President Dr. Lisa M. Chapman speaks at the CCCC Beta Sigma Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society induction ceremony.

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Central Carolina Community College President Dr. Lisa M. Chapman speaks at the CCCC Beta Sigma Phi ... (more)

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SANFORD - Academic achievement and service were celebrated April 12 as Central Carolina Community College's Beta Sigma Phi Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society held its spring induction ceremony.

Inductees from 2020-2022 were recognized during the ceremony.

Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in American higher education. In 1929, the American Association of Community Colleges recognized PTK as the official honor society for two-year colleges. The CCCC chapter, chartered in 2010, sets a higher standard for membership eligibility than the national organization: a 3.7 grade point average rather than the 3.5 GPA that national requires.

CCCC President Dr. Lisa M. Chapman provided opening remarks, praising PTK members for their accomplishments. She noted that PTK speaks to leadership and service. "In today's world, we need more servant leaders," said Dr. Chapman.

Honored guests Lenora Streeter, North Carolina Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa, and Philip White, Regional President of the Carolinas Region of Phi Theta Kappa, were present for the event held at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center.

"I want you to know that I believe in you," White told the PTK members. "I believe in your strength. I believe in your potential to do literally whatever it is that you set your mind to."

White concluded by telling the PTK members how proud he is of each of them. "I am no different than you in that I am a student at a community college here in North Carolina. I know just how much hard work it took to get here, so I want you to take a second tonight before you lay down to go to sleep and just say to yourself, 'I am proud of you!' You have earned it," said White.

Daniel Berndt, Chapter Advisor and Professor of Business Administration and Finance at CCCC, said: "Part of Phi Theta Kappa's mission is to recognize the academic achievements of college students. Tonight, I am blessed with the opportunity of doing just that - recognizing the hard work, resilience, and determination of students here at Central Carolina Community College. Phi Theta Kappa also provides opportunities for personal growth and professional development through participation in honors, leadership, service and fellowship activities. My hope is for new inductees to take advantage of these and several other benefits of membership as they continue to grow into the leaders of tomorrow. I also want to thank the administration, faculty, and staff of Central Carolina Community College and our local communities whose continued support gives our members the fullest experience Phi Theta Kappa has to offer; it wouldn't be possible without you."

Berndt and fellow Chapter Advisor James Thomas, YouthBuild Assistant Director, participated in the induction ceremony.

Phi Theta Kappa is composed of Greek words symbolizing wisdom, aspiration, and purity. A white rose symbolizes purity, beauty of life, and intellectual associations, while the oak and laurel leaves on the PTK emblem represent stability, character, achievement, and success.

CCCC Phi Theta Kappa officers are: Audrey Thomas, Chapter President; Raven Elder, Vice President of Service & Honors Activities; Jacqueline Tamayao, Vice President of Leadership & Scholarship; Bennett Lasater, Vice President of Fellowship & Recruitment; Cassidy Henderson, Public Relations Officer; and Isaac Alvarez Alvarado, Recording Officer.

In its years of existence, the college's Beta Sigma Phi Chapter has garnered a number of prestigious recognitions from PTK. These include the Five-Star ranking -- the highest ranking a chapter can receive for excellence, and awards at regional PTK conferences. It has also reached out to the community with service projects, such as assisting food banks and shelters.

The 2022 inductees are:

Alamance County: Lorelei Byrd.

Chatham County: Kaylee Atkins, Andraya Church, Harrison Fogleman, Madison Gaines, Juana Gomez Soriano, Jacob Hartman, Lindsey Johnson, Caitlyn Keith, Solveig Lee, Amanda Merriman, Lillian Milholen, Elliana Morgart, Kristiane Perry, Dylan Philipps,Rilee Rains, James Roberton, Emily Smith, Sherry Sparks, Paige Underwood, Ella Webster, Olivia Wight.

Cumberland County: Marley Dinger, Sofia Morales-Godoy.

Durham County: William Jennings, William Stokely.

Halifax County: Bonnie Ludlum.

Harnett County: Madelyn Abel, Anasia Bell, Aniya Bell, Adriana Carpenter, Christopher Elburn, Andrew Elliott, Olivia Felice, Sarah Funderburg, Autumn Grogg, Willoh Hardy, Kaila Jackson, Madison Lee, Erica Matthews, Camryn Morland, Mariana Santillan Espino, Christopher Sherman, Tyler Skolozynski, Mackenzie Taylor, Gerald Tripp, Desiree Valle, Ariana Velazquez-Maldonado, Victoria Warren.

Hertford County: Addie Holloman.

Lee County: Isaac Alvarez Alvarado, Easton Brewer, Claire Bussy, Gael Cabrera Rivera, Mamudu Cole, Vivian Collins, Makenzie Cox, Nicolette Dechamplain, Kimberly Dias, Raven Elder, William Fergusson, Conner Fogleman, Morgan Fogleman, Alexis Frament, Mohammad Ghani, McKayla Hairston, Tarquin Hamshar, Cassidy Henderson, Lindsay Hinson, Jordan Hulsey, Hannah Jester, Chesley Johnson, Jenna Jones, Joshua Kennedy, Bennett Lasater, Brayden Legault, Tamieka Long, Carly Lopez, Arielle McFadden, Abigail Moller, Charlotte Murray, Carly Norris, Nubia Orellana, Tristan Patterson, Pierre Pearson, Kimberly Pinter, Stephanie Pizarro, Ethan Poingue, Hunter Poland, Ashley Ragland, Yolanda Richmond, Obed Rivera, Skye Roberson, Sasha Rosete, Isabella Rubio, Kyle Sides, Brenda Soriano Perez, Evan Stark, Jacqueline Tamayao,

Kevin Tang, Avery Tart, Victor Trabold, Corey Vanderroest, Emma Whiteman.

Montgomery County: Landon Hussey.

Moore County: Nazmiye Harris, Jessica Kearney, Jada Nahalewski, Sarah Petty.

Onslow County: Arianne Foster.

Orange County: Lana Farah, Ciara Harrington, Elena Stansbury, Danni Xu, Cassandra Zehner.

Randolph County: Richard Hill, Haley Love, Roxanna Zapto.

Richmond County: Juanita Baldwin.

Wake County: Daniel Berndt, Mechelle Berndt, Matthew Brown, Jennifer Godowsky, Jolea Hoerdemann, Jessica Hoyle, Henry Jordan, Jennifer Riley, Anneliese Yodlowsky.

The 2021 inductees are:

Alamance County: Bianca Carrillo.

Chatham County: Joseph Carreiro, Holley Clark, Brooklyn Craig, Kelsey Dillon, Ruben Esquivel, Ava Mae Gangemi, Abigail George, Michael Hubbard, Elyse Johnson, Grace Jones, James Keith, Joshua King, Vincent Kressevich, Sarah Lawter, Patrick McCaw, Colin McDaniel, Chadwick Moore, Heidi Schouten, Katherine Skeen, Kayleigh Smith, Amelia Spell, Leslie Wiseman.

Cumberland County: Aliyah Calhoun, Vanessa Campos, Khalya Green, Taylor Meldrom, Azari'ah Teague.

Durham County: Ashley Shorter.

Guilford County: Callie Tollison.

Harnett County: Christian Brandt, Natalia Brocious, Nicholas Clayton, Micah Ellington, Suzanne Hobbs, Thomas Hovey, Amanda Ivey, Erin Kaukereit, Hailey Kessler, Logan Martin, Brenner McLean, Arianna Mellardo, Haley Millard, Danya Mesleh, William Newton, Claude Pope, Billy Riggsbee, Cora Shelltrack-Miller, Kensie Smith, Brianna Veres.

Hoke County: Nykale Locklear, Stephani Van Tassel.

Johnston County: Robert McLamb.

Lee County: Jafet Arias, Raymond Biehl, Anna Boone, Mackenzie Brisendine, Solomon Bruton, Cody Cameron, Madeline Cantrell, Joseph Conwell, Anna Crowder, Kaycee Davis, Mauro Di Ilio, Clara Galeano, Aaron Garcia, Sydney Hickman, James Holley, Kaylee Jackson, Jacob Kimble, Jessica King, Bailey Koneski, Alexzondria Lamothe, Erik Lamothe, Jailene Lemus-Hurtado, Darlene Lizotte, Melisa Marquina, Jessica McGinty, Darrell McIver, Erica McLean, Tyler Moller, Samuel Nickens, Kayla Olivares, Riley Patton, Brandon Phillips, Evan Pruette, Yanira Rivera, Melissa Rae Rodriguez, Briannca Smith, Mia Sosa-Dejesus, Ethan Stanley, Grier Staples, Johnie Steward, Grace Stewart, Christy Tercero, Stewart Thomas, Jackie Vollbracht, Macie Watson, Keonya Williams.

Moore County: Shubricca Bell, Tina Blue, Natasha Galloza Rosado, Kristie Lassitter, Dominique Madonna, Tabatha O'Kelly, Cristian Ramirez, Zainab Shinaba, Isabella Walters.

Nottoway County, Va.: Deidra Knight.

Onslow County: Jessica Creasy.

Orange County: Miranda Aquino, Riley Crouch, George Gilson, Samuel Griffith, James Kirk, Tamarr Moore, Grace O'Hara, Jackson Thompson.

Pickens County, S.C.: Kirstyn Oaks.

Surry County: Lauren Reynolds.

Wake County: Carly Clapper, Gail Faulkner, Thomas Houser, Cameron Kramer, Alyssa O'Shields, Samuel Pasquale, Pricilla Watkins.

The 2020 inductees are:

Alamance County: Logan Doss.

Burke County: Spencer Leonhardt.

Chatham County: Mary Adams, Scott Bratcher, Miranda Butler, Logan Dumke, Makayla Gangemi, Melanie Mather, Isabelle Moore, Hannah Murphy, Miguel Olivares, Linda Richardson, Margaret Safrit, Jayden Sansom, Roger Seufert-Navarro, Sarah Walters.

Chowan County: Lauren Smith.

Craven County: Stephanie Simcox.

Cumberland County: Brittany Chattaway, Tabitha McLaurin, Jenna Skinner, Michaela Wilson.

Harnett County: Lizbeth Arvizu Benavidez, Asbel Chilel, Alexis Cordero, Caleb Denning, Kelly Ennis, Rachel Gardner, Reid Gregory, Cheyenne Happ, Ivan Hernandez-Morales, Nicole Kida, Kenan Marion, Sunnie McDonald, Wanda Moore Barnett, Steven Schlink, Maddison Stephens, Barbara Taylor, Taylor Wilson, Bristol Wilson.

Lee County: Jamie Anderson, Benjamin Armstrong, Camryn Armstrong, Cristina Axberg, Raquel Bailey, Gabrielle Bass, Debriana Brazzanovich, Natalie Brownie, Caylla Bush, Amy Cochran, Sydney Cottrell, Keila Cruz-Hernandez, Angela Ricci Dagonon, John Danh, Eileen Dove, Elizabeth Eckert, Dominic Gaines, Ethan Gurwitch, Jazmine Gutierrez, Callie Hughes, Victoria Isenhour, Addie Johns, Sandra Johnson, Nayelly Martinez, Hannah McGuire, Jordan McKay, Amity Montgomery, Devin Morton, John Patterson, Summer Pipkin, Joel Reeves, Rubi Reyes, Samantha Sama, Nina Sikora, Alexis Spruiell, Brenna Steger, Julie Thomas, Audrey Thomas, James Thomas, William Tucker, Tristian Williams, Regan Wilson.

Moore County: Keana Belfor, Britney Bell, Karen Gantt, Adrianna Graulau, Nathalia Lima, Brooke Mussman, Randolph Norris, Emily Pittman, Toshebia Snipes, Brandi Snow.

Orange County: Emily Ames, Imagene Cooke, Kaio Cowherd, Montana Kirby, Lauren MacLean, Heather Taylor, Sophia Wilson, Abigail Wright.

Wake County: Olivia Bare Grounds, Daniel Estrada-Morales, Shamyl Khan, Felice Kho, Grace McAllister, Krisztina Polyak, Cody Snead.

Watauga County: Elizabeth Ward.

For more information about Phi Theta Kappa at CCCC, visit the college's Web site,, click on "Site A-Z," then "P" for "Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society."