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CCCC among colleges to receive bioprocessing equipment

Click to enlarge,  Dr. Brenda Grubb, of the Central Carolina Community College Biotechnology faculty, says the college is excited to receive the free state-of-the-art bioprocessing equipment through the Scientific Bioprocess Inc. Digitally Simplified Bioprocessing Fellowship that will be used to teach students both theory and practical hands-on technology.

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Dr. Brenda Grubb, of the Central Carolina Community College Biotechnology faculty, says the college ... (more)

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SANFORD - Central Carolina Community College is among the community and technical colleges that will receive free state-of-the-art bioprocessing equipment through the SBI Digitally Simplified Bioprocessing Fellowship, according to a news release from Scientific Bioprocess, Inc. (SBI) and BioMADE.

"We're so pleased to donate this equipment to community colleges in order to help create a skilled workforce," said John Moore, President of SBI, in the news release. "The bioindustrial manufacturing industry needs employees who are trained to use equipment like bioreactors and shake flasks. Our equipment, coupled with the Educational Modules, will give students the skills they need to succeed in the bioindustrial manufacturing workforce."

This equipment was donated to community and technical colleges through a selective fellowship process, according to the news release. Fellowship participants will use the equipment in their classrooms and have the opportunity to collaborate with other fellows on applications and curriculum over the course of the two-year program.

"This equipment will make a significant and valuable impact for community and technical colleges," said Thomas Tubon, Chief Workforce Development Officer at BioMADE in the news release. "Many companies are struggling to fill biomanufacturing jobs right now. This equipment will help train and prepare students to fill much-needed roles. Together, we are strengthening the foundation of the biomanufacturing workforce."

Dr. Brenda Grubb, of the CCCC Biotechnology faculty, said the college is happy to be selected to receive the SBI Bioprocessing Equipment and to incorporate it into the BPM 112 Upstream Bioprocessing course this fall. "This course introduces cell growth and fractionation techniques, and topics include fermentation theory and application and cell harvesting. Fermentation is a commonly used microbial bioprocess. Biomass monitoring in the SBI shaker flask system will allow students to do non-invasive monitoring of growth in real-time. Using this equipment and software will facilitate achieving several course objectives, including generating experimental data to use in presentations of scientific information. Students will be able to generate detailed growth profiles of organisms in culture, simulating the fermentation process used in bioreactors by biopharmaceutical companies. We are very excited to use this equipment to teach our students both theory and practical hands-on technology," said Dr. Grubb.

The CCCC Bioprocess Technology program provides the theoretical background and hands-on experience for students seeking a career in biopharmaceutical manufacturing as well as provide current pharmaceutical employees the opportunity for promotion and bachelor's degree transfer. Learn more about this program at

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