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CCCC will observe National Advising Day on Oct. 5

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10.01.2021College & CommunityCollege General

By Adana Arnold, CCCC Student Support Specialist

SANFORD - Last year, Central Carolina Community College was the first college in the world to celebrate National Advising Day!

The second annual National Advising Day is upon us and will be observed by CCCC on Tuesday, Oct. 5, at the college's main campuses in Chatham, Harnett, and Lee Counties in Central North Carolina. While CCCC was the first to celebrate National Advising Day last year, colleges across North Carolina and even around the country are joining CCCC this year in celebrating advising and advisors.

This is a time to showcase and exemplify the importance of advising, emphasizing the integral partnership between student and advisor. It has been proven that students succeed greater when they have a quality working relationship with their advisor. The goal is making sure students know they have an advocate in their advisor -- someone to help guide them in their quest for success. Oftentimes, students are unaware of the resources and tools available to them. Students may be hesitant in committing to a particular degree plan because they are unsure or indecisive. Their advisors can help them sort through all of their concerns or point them in the right direction.

"The academic advising and the advisor/advisee relationship is one of the most important relationships a student will ever foster while in college," said Ashlee Dockery, CCCC Senior Admissions Specialist. "Advisors are in place to build a positive rapport with their advisees while earning their trust to make sure that they feel connected not only to the institution, but to someone who is there to serve as their personal educational concierge (so to speak). Having an advisor who genuinely cares makes a student feel valued, understand their purpose, and ensures that the student has clearly outlined academic and career goals. The more supported a student feels, the more likely they are to remain persistent in achieving said goals."

The CCCC National Advising Day celebration will observe both in-person and virtual events. For more information, visit