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CCCC celebrates, promotes National Advising Day

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Click to enlarge,  Scott Byington, Central Carolina Community College Dean of University Transfer and Advising, said that National Advising Day is a time to celebrate advising and draw attention to it as a way of promoting student success.

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Scott Byington, Central Carolina Community College Dean of University Transfer and Advising, said ... (more)

10.23.2020College & CommunityCollege GeneralStudents/Graduates

SANFORD - Student success is paramount at Central Carolina Community College.

So, it was no surprise when a group of CCCC faculty and staff members came up with the idea of celebrating National Advising Day - the first college in the U.S. to celebrate such a day. The event was held on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Scott Byington, CCCC Dean of University Transfer and Advising, said that he and Amy Gustavson (Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness & QEP), Cristy Holmes (Associate Dean of University Transfer and Academic Advising), and Jairo McMican (Dean of Student Learning) came up with the idea after talking about ways to celebrate advising and draw attention to it as a way of promoting student success.

"We were discussing challenges with promoting advising to students and other members of the community as a key intervention and educating everyone on the importance of it. Somehow in the conversation, the idea of a day to celebrate advising, and then a national day to celebrate advising, came about," said Byington. "We, of course, want to make this an annual event and will be working with state and national advising groups next year to make this event a truly national day to celebrate advising on the first Tuesday of October."

CCCC did much to celebrate National Advising Day - including a website (, a Facebook Live session salute to National Advising Day, and the opportunity for students to send advising kudos to CCCC advisors.

"The mission of a National Advising Day is to promote the importance of advising as a key part of student success," said Byington. "Students who receive quality advising are usually more successful, are more likely to achieve their personal and academic goals, and have a better experience in higher education. We wanted to use this day to bring attention to advising, to celebrate the advisors who do so much to support students, and to educate those who are less familiar with advising on what it is and what it can do for students."

Byington notes that National Advising Day is a time to remind students that they have an advisor who is interested in them, who wants to assist them with their goals, and is available to be a supportive resource as students navigate the college experience.

CCCC President Dr. Lisa M. Chapman is extremely supportive of advising and student success - and of a National Advising Day.

"CCCC's 2020-2024 Strategic Plan is 'Equitable Pathways to Achievable Dreams.' This means our students need to be able to make informed decisions about their careers and then they should be provided the most appropriate learning pathway using on/off ramps that best meet their individual needs," said Dr. Chapman. "Exceptional advising is essential for this to occur. It requires active engagement of both the students and advisors beginning early in the students' academic experience and persisting throughout their time with the college. I am pleased to celebrate and recognize all advisors -- thank you for working to ensure our students' success!"

Byington notes that advising is important, especially in the community college setting. "Community college students most benefit from advising because many are unfamiliar with all of the career and transfer options that are available, with all of the resources the college has to support them, and how the faculty and staff at this college are really, really interested in them and their success," said Byington. "Many community college students are facing additional challenges of working, managing a lot of family and other responsibilities outside of school, and can benefit from working with an advisor who can help them better understand themselves, their goals, and can help them develop a plan to get there.

Byington wants the public to know that CCCC cares about advising because the school cares about students. "We know that advising can be the difference in someone who is trying to reach their goals and we want to make sure we offer quality, professional advising as a way to provide individual attention and care to all of our students," he said.

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