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Student Onboarding and Success

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Arnold, Adana 910-814-8863
Student Advising and Success Specialist
Babb, Jennifer 919-718-7349
Education Navigator
Brown, Mary 919-718-7471
Education Navigator
Chase, Joelle 919-718-7313
Education Navigator
Cheek, Jalen 919-545-8040
Education Navigator
Goldston, Brittney 919-718-7443
Education Navigator
Gustavson, Amy (919) 545-8013
Assistant Director of Student Advising and Success (Chatham)
Ledwell, Zeickia (Zack) 919-777-7711
Education Navigator
Minter, Karen 919-718-7300
Student Advising and Success Administrative Specialist
Ocegueda, Heather 919-718-7502
Student Onboarding Coordinator
Petty, Ramona 919-545-8028
Education Navigator
Post, Brian 919-718-7032
Education Navigator
Raines, April 910-814-8851
Education Navigator
Solis, Candice 919-718-7565
Director of Onboarding and Success
Wade, Adam 919-718-7526
Dean, Student Advising and Success
Wells, Doug 919-718-7318
Education Navigator
Wells, Janeyah
Education Navigator

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