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Angie Estes
Veterans Affairs Coordinator, Student Services
58, Hockaday 919-718-7233
Lee Main Campus

252 record(s) were found.

Abels, Lara 919-718-7551
History Instructor
Acevedo, Michelle 919-718-7568
Esthetics Instructor
Adjunct Faculty, MET 919-718-7468
Adjunct Instructors
Ahmed, Habeeba 919-718-7373
Mechanical Engineering Technology, Lead Instructor
Ainsworth, John (919) 718-7085
Information Technology and Networking Lead Instructor
Atkinson, De-Ven 919-718-7091
Academic Coach, TRiO Student Support Services
Aucompaugh, Maryann 919-718-7464
Department Chair, Business Technologies
Baker, David (919) 718-7280
Lead, Science Instructor
Baker, Randy
HVAC Technician
Barnes, Tim 919-718-7325
Psychology Instructor
Bartholomew, Ginger 919-718-7260
Early Childhood Education, Chair
Beam, Leigh 919-718-7346
Social Sciences, Department Chair
Bell, Amy 919-718-7371
Director, TRiO Student Support Services
Bell, Charles 919-718-7306
Welding Department Chair
Berrier, Amy 919-718-7255
Associate Director of Financial Aid
Blair, Davena (919) 718-7366
Veterans Upward Bound Program Coordinator
Blake, Tyler 919-718-7541
Store Manager, Bookstore
Blanchard, Jessica 919-718-7391
AR/CR Accountant Supervisor
Blankenship, Gary 919-718-7292
Criminal Justice Instructor
Bogan, Annie 919-718-7444
Administrative Specialist, Arts & STEM
Boggs, Jimmie 919-718-7441
Supply Operations Coordinator
Bowen, Sandra 919-718-7569
Communication Instructor
Boyer, Thea 919-718-7424
Human Services Technology Department Chair
Boykin, Donna 919-718-7333
Program Coordinator- TRiO Student Support Services
Bradbury, Amy 919-718-7465
Veterinary Medical Technology Instructor
Bridgers, Brian 919-718-7498
Briggs, Richard (919) 633-2004
Men and Women Cross Country Head Coach
Brown, Diana 919-718-7318
Education Navigator
Brown, Jessica 919-718-7438
Biology Instructor
Brown, Meghan 919-718-7422
Vice President of Advancement, Operations, and Government Relations
Browning, Kim 919-718-7393
Veterinary Medical Technology Instructor
Brucker, Fred 919-718-7236
Broadcasting Production Technology Instructor
Brucker, Kels 919-718-7489
Administrative Assistant
Bruner, Danielle 919-718-7357
Coordinator of Accreditation, Enrollment, and Retention
Bryant, Lee 919-718-7307
Staff Accountant
Bryant, Vincent 919-718-7486
Purchasing Technician
Burgess, Megan 919-718-7232
Navigate Project Director
Burke, Mary 919-718-7377
Information Technology Instructor
Butcher, Scott 919-718-7427
Industrial Technologies Instructor
Byington, Scott 919-718-7425
Associate Vice President, Onboarding and Advising
Cafe, Cougar 919-718-7278
Campbell, Barbara (919) 718-7390
Nursing, Department Chair
Carrillo, Daniel
Carter, Amanda 919-718-7515
Director of Distance Education
Carter, Jordan 919-718-7213
Director, TRiO Upward Bound Programs
Carter, Juanita 919-718-7095
ADN Nursing Instructor
Castonguay, Sandra 919-718-7331
Information and Engineering Technologies Department Chair
Chapman, Dr. Lisa M. 919-718-7246
Christman, MontE 919-718-7495
Executive Director of Information Technology
Ciliberto, Craig 919-718-7304
Transportation Technology, Chair
Clark, Vicky 919-718-7256
CE Registrar
Coffer, Emma 919-718-7415
Financial Aid Advisor
Collins, Ashley 919-718-7507
ADN Nursing Instructor
Coore, Michelle 919-718-7324
Help Desk Support
Cotten, Peggy 919-718-7244
Library Assistant - Circulation
Craig, Wendy 919-777-7780
Administrative Assistant of Dental Hygiene and Assisting
Crissman, Nicole 919-718-7309
Administrative Assistant
Currin, Sabrina 919-718-7488
Administrative Assistant
Davin, Misty 919-718-7267
Early Childhood Education Instructor
Del Valle-Blair, Sara 919-718-7251
Director, Grants Performance
Derr, Kisha 919-888-4502
LEC Principal
Dillon, Jennifer 919-718-7561
Director, Veterans Upward Bound and Military Affiliated Initiatives
Dishman, Marcie 919-718-7491
Associate Vice President of Marketing and External Relations
Dorman, Kelly 919-718-7450
Criminal Justice Studies Department Chair
Dowdy, Alexandra 919-718-7338
Director, Community Engagement and Special Projects
Dunham, Ian 919-718-7423
PC Technician I
Estes, Angie 919-718-7233
Veterans Affairs Coordinator
Etchison, Carla 919-718-7369
Payroll Supervisor/Benefits Administrator
Falero, Ben 919-718-7334
Math Instructor
Ferguson, Jamie 919-718-7326
ADN Nursing Instructor
Fincher, Pamela 910-814-8969
Director of Workforce Continuing Education
Finken, Becky 919.718.7503
English Instructor
Flannery, James 919-718-7350
Information Technology Instructor
Francis, Julie 919-718-7434
Medical Sonography Clinical Coordinator
Freeman, Billy 919-718-7257
Director of Broadcasting and Production Technologies
Friday, Talia 919-718-7505
AAC & Writing Center Coordinator
Furr, Danny 919-718-7534
Maintenance Supervisor
Gault, Kaylon (919) 718-7153
Cosmetology Instructor
Genthe, Wade 919-777-7761
Assistant Director of Security
Gibson, Kaleigh 919-718-7285
Financial Aid Technician
Gillis, Tara 919-718-7287
Animal Facilities Manager
Gilmore, Felicia 919-718-7283
Career Center Coordinator
Godbey, Tina 919-718-7286
Veterinary Medical Technology Instructor
Gonzalez, Jessica 919-718-7089
Director of Human Resources
Goodson, Drew 919-718-7445
Associate VP, Financial Services/CFO
Haire, David 919-718-7432
Director of Infrastructure and Security
Haley, Martin 919-718-7272
Lead Accounting Instructor
Hall, Kelly 919-718-7493
Associate Director of Human Resources
Hammond, Robert 919-718-7269
Chemistry Instructor
Hare, Emily 919-718-7230
Executive Director of the CCCC Foundation
Haslup, Jennifer 919-718-7086
Chemistry Instructor
Haynie, James 910-401-7267
Mens and Women Cross Country Assistant Coach
Heller, Janice 919-718-7478
Systems Operation Coordinator
Hernandez, Brandi 919-718-7419
Director of Purchasing
Hernandez, Martha
Hernandez, Oscar 919-718-7299
YEA Juntos Coordinator
Hernandez Luciano, Karmisha (919) 718-7463
VUB Assistant Programs Director
Hight, R.V. 919-718-7265
Director of Communications
Hoel, Anna 919-718-7248
Financial Aid Advisor
Holder, Donna
Holder, Tommy 919-718-7367
Chief Information Officer
Holmes, Cristy 919-718-7225
Dean of Arts and STEM
Holt, Jessica 919-718-7454
Veterinary Medical Technology Instructor
Horrell, Kathryn 919-718-7278
Lead Culinary Instructor
Horton, Chrishinda 919-777-7727
Clinical Manager - Dental Programs
Hoyle, Ken 919-718-7436
Vice President of Student Services
Hunt, Britt 919-718-7511
ADN Nursing Instructor
Hunt, Kelvin 919-718-7368
Director of Student Outreach and Recruitment
Hunt, Scott 919-777-7715
Director of Security
Inquiries, General
Jackson, Chris 919-718-7262
Computer-Integrated Machining Instructor
Jackson, Cynthia 919-888-4502
LEC School Counselor
Jasso, Jesse 919-718-7506
Director of Information Systems
Jones, Christy 919-718-7227
Administrative Specialist to Dean of Health and Professional Services
Jones, Shawna (919) 718-7457
Instructor, English
Kallimanis, Audra 919-718-7289
Sociology Instructor
Kedzierski, Brian
Lead Stem Tutor
Kelly, Megan 919-718-7266
Veterinary Medical Technology, Department Chair
Klug, Kelly 919-718-7281
Director of Grants Development
Knight, Lisa 919-718-7467
Instructional Designer/Instructor
Lackey, Thomas 919-718-7513
Lead Instructor, Truck Driver Training Program
Lagunas, Elvira
Lariviere, Nichelle 919-718-7222
Assistant Financial Aid Director
Lassen, Glenda 919-718-7264
A/P Purchasing Specialist
Lineberry, Emma 919-718-7335
Administrative Assistant
Little, Alex 919-718-7451
Student Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator
Long, Lora 919-718-7411
Department Chair, Math & Science
Love, Richard 919-718-7258
Lead Paralegal Instructor
Love, Roger 919-718-7296
Education Navigator
Lowe, Savannah 919-718-7482
Financial Aid Technician
Lujan, Jessica 919-718-7310
Education Navigator and CCR Advisor
Maddux, Cody 919-718-7571
Math Instructor
Malenick, David "Dave" 919-718-7351
Social Science Instructor
Martin, Denise 919-777-7784
Dean of Health Sciences & Professional Services
Mashburn, Christa 919-718-7220
Director of Business Services
McDougald, Brad 919-353-7687
Athletic Director and Mens Basketball Head Coach
McElreath, Thadd 919-718-7421
Health and Fitness Science Department Chair
McGowan, Neil 919-718-7203
Graphic Artist & Multimedia Specialist
McIver, Latasha 919-718-7572
Developmental Reading Instructor
McLaurin, Darrell 919-718-7365
Truck Driver Training Coordinator
Measamer, Ronnie 919-718-7409
Physical Plant Manager
Melton, Jennifer 919-718-7252
Human Resources Coordinator
Mendez, Jaclyn 919-718-7221
Veterinary Medical Technology Instructor
Miller, Crissy 919-718-7321
Distance Support Specialist
Miller, Don 919-718-7212
Associate Dean for Academic Advising and Transfer
Minter, Karen 919-718-7300
Administrative Coordinator
Minter, Regina 919-718-7510
Department Chair, Culinary Arts and Hospitality
Montegna, Kassie 919-718-7433
CCCC PEG Manager/TV Instructor
Mummert, Gabrielle 919-718-7078
Student Outreach and Recruitment, CTE Coordinator
Murchison, Tanasha 919-718-7293
Administrative Assistant
Musselwhite, Laura 919-718-7279
Executive Assistant to VP Student Services
Myrick, Timothy
Maintenance Technician
Nebolisa, Anozie 919-718-7076
Information Technology Programming Instructor
Nem, Christopher 919-718-7094
Math Instructor
Newcomb, Chris 919-718-7057
Coordinator of Institutional Advancement
Newcomb, Sara 919-718-7370
Dean of Business and Applied Technologies
Ocegueda, Heather 919-718-7502
Student Onboarding Coordinator
Oldham, Joel 919-718-7533
Landscaping & Custodial Supervisor
Oldham, Leslie 919-718-7519
Cosmetology Instructor
Oliver, Cris
Web Technician
Parr, Gregg 919-718-7093
Biotechnology Pathway Navigator
Parrish, Chad 919-777-7764
Patterson Sloan, Kasey (919) 718-7322
Coordinator, Distance Education & Student Learning Support
Pearson, Kevin 919-718-7386
Dean of College Access Services/Title IX Coordinator
Perry, Fernanda 919-777-7783
Dental Hygiene and Assisting Instructor
Perry, Travis 919-718-7352
Director Instructional Support
Peterson, Dane 919-718-7254
Developmental Ed Program Chair
Petty, Keisha 919-718-7316
Records Receptionist & Self Service Specialist
Phillips, Jennifer 919-718-7475
Enrollment Services Coordinator
Post, Brian 919-718-7032
Education Navigator and Juntos Advisor
Price, Steven 919-718-7469
PC Technician I
Provost, Margaret 919-718-7273
Accounting Instructor
Rijkse, Shirley 919-718-7446
Business & Human Resource Management Lead Instructor
Roberton, Margaret 919-718-7447
Vice President for Workforce Development/Chief of Staff
Rouse, Jason 919-718-7354
Motorcycle Mechanics Lead Instructor
Sanders, Crystal 919-777-7791
Dental Hygiene Instructor
Schlein, Kaitlyn 919-718-7394
Cosmetology Instructor
Schmid-Carter, Mary 919-718-7542
College Access Coordinator
Scott, Belinda 919-718-7594
Payroll/Travel Specialist
Sessoms, Kaitlyn 919-718-7075
Program Coordinator, TRiO Upward Bound Programs
Sewell-Petty, Samantha 919-718-7313
Education Navigator
Shafer III, Clyde 919-718-7083
Spanish Instructor
Shannon-Mohamed, Sarah 919-718-7479
Director of Onboarding and New Student Programs
Shearin, Glenn 919-718-7343
Computer-Integrated Machining Instructor
Short, Kristi 919-718-7426
Vice President/Chief Academic Officer
Sills, Allison 919-718-7494
Instructional Services Librarian
Silva, Jonathan 919-718-7291
Education Navigator
Simmons, Austin 919-718-7051
Welding Instructor
Simmons, Falecia 919-718-7580
Academic Coach - TRiO Student Support Services
Simpson, Brian 919-718-7250
Director of Accreditation
Simpson, Vivian 919-718-7400
Sizemore, Cliff 919-718-7295
Senior Buyer
Smelser, Lisa 919-718-7305
Biotechnology Department Chair/BBB Grant Manager
Smith, Crete 919-718-7499
Accounts Payable Specialist
Smith, Crystal 919-718-7206
Business Services Coordinator
Soto, Verenice 919-718-7217
AR/Budget Accountant
Springer, Jason 919-718-7060
Business Technologies Instructor
St. Peter, Deana 919-718-7396
Executive Director of the Center for Organizational Excellence
Staton, Jr., Fred 919-718-7562
Associate Director, TRiO Student Support Services
Steele, Morgan 919-718-7538
Director of Web and Creative Strategy
Stevens, Nathan 919-718-7059
Professional Development Coordinator
Stumpf, Bianka 919-718-7470
Social Sciences Lead Instructor
Stumpf, Ty 919-718-7376
Humanities, Chair
Sundquist, Soni 919-777-7718
Medical Sonography Department Chair
Surles, Junious 919-718-7072
Lead Instructor, Truck Driver Training Program
Surratt, Alicia 919-718-7517
Grants Accountant
Talley, Deborah 919-888-4502
LEC Data Manager
Ter Meer, Brittany
Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach
Testa, Nick 919-718-7528
LEC Liaison/Early College Coordinator
Testa, Whitney 919-718-7484
Developmental Math Instructor
Thomas, Edwin 919-718-7261
Computer-Integrated Machining, Chair
Thomas, Haley 919-718-7237
Associate Registrar
Thomas, Jessica 919-718-7245
Library Programming Assistant
Thompson, Billie Jo 919-718-7375
Associate Director of Learning Resources
Thornton, Zan 919-777-7798
Lead Welding Instructor
Townsend, Breanna 919-718-7574
Math Instructor
Tyson Childress, Jamie 919-718-7239
Dean of Enrollment/Registrar
Vega, Janice 919-718-7207
Lead Morning Child Care Teacher
Vester, Gene 919-718-7374
Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Instructor
Villalta, Cesar 919-718-7211
Network Administrator
Wade, Adam 919-718-7526
Dean, Student Onboarding and Success
Walker, Abby 919-718-7332
Assistant Director, Foundation
Walker, Robin 919-718-7226
Program Auditor & Assistant to VP of Student Learning
Walser, Andrew 919-718-7323
English Instructor
Walton, Marti 919-888-4502
LEC Administrative Asst/Testing Coordinator
Warren, Tracy 919-718-7417
A/C, Heating, Refrigeration and Welding Instructor
Washington, Derrick
Security Officer
Waters, Rebekah 919-718-7430
TRiO Upward Bound Academic Coordinator
Watson, David 919-718-7224
English Instructor
Way, Crystal 919-718-7317
ADN Nursing Instructor
Webb, Summerlin 919-718-7270
Lead Humanities Instructor (English)
Webster, Marcel 919-402-7761
Women's Basketball Head Coach
Wellington, Marlon 919-718-7259
Associate Director of Instructional Support
Wells, Doug 919-718-7274
TRiO Upward Bound Assistant Director (Career and College Readiness)
Werkheiser, Amber 919-718-7311
Director of Financial Aid
Wesner, Vicky 919-777-7782
Dental Hygiene and Assisting. Department Chair
West, Justin 919-718-7358
Welding Instructor
Whitaker, Lorraine 919-718-7223
Executive Assistant to President/Secretary to Board of Trustees/Strategic P
White, Jonathan 919-718-7359
General Counsel
Wicker, Elizabeth (Liz) 919-718-7408
Documents and Compliance Administrator
Wilderson, Elaine 919-718-7062
Library Technical Services Assistant
Wilkins, Karen 919-718-7240
Public Safety Program Technician
Willett, Heather 919-718-7414
Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services
Williams, Madison 919-718-7355
Records Assessment Specialist
Wimberly, Mari 919-718-7483
Digital Services Librarian
Winkens, Lauren 919-777-7726
Music Instructor
Woelfle, Cathy 919.718.7277
Lead Instructor, Cosmetology
Womack, Wesley 919-718-7241
Department Chair Industrial Technologies
Woods, Macy 919-777-7781
Dental Hygiene Instructor
Yarborough, Melanie 919-718-7400
Ziebart, Jason 919-718-7243
English Instructor
Zimmerman, Jason
Grounds Technician

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