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Christopher Brewer
Lead EMS Instructor, ConEd Public Safety and Criminal Justice Programs
119D, 919-777-7725
Center for Workforce Innovation (CWI)

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Allen, Roy 919-777-7779
Associate Dean, Public Safety & Criminal Justice
Blankenship, Gary 919-718-7292
Criminal Justice Instructor
Chance, Shavonda 910-814-8849
Criminal Justice Instructor
Dorman, Kelly 919-718-7450
Criminal Justice Studies Department Chair
Iceman, Ashley 919-777-7767
Public Safety Administrative Specialist
Morris, Victoria 910-814-8977
EMS Instructor/Clinical Coordinator
Nappi, Ed 919-814-8851
Criminal Justice Instructor
Owens Kirkman, Tammy 919-777-7773
Basic Law Enforcement Coordinator
Painter Kelly, Tracy 919-777-7774
BLET Program Director
Scott, Jessica 910-897-8121
Criminal Justice Instructor
Tart, Sarah 919-777-7778
Fire and Rescue Training Coordinator
Tomita, Dan 919-718-7052
EMS Program Director
Wilkins, Karen 919-718-7247
EMS Administrative Assistant

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