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Mark Hall
Provost, Chatham County, Provost
Building 41 (919) 545-8043
Chatham Main Campus

34 record(s) were found.

Ashe, Phillip 919-545-8020
Humanities Instructor
Barnes, Robert 919.545.8075
History Instructor
Briendel, Tiffany
EARTh Center Project Manager
Burton, Kelly 919-545-8073
Lead Culinary Instructor Chatham
Buxens, Begona 919-545-8022
Spanish Instructor
Cafe, Natural Chef 919-545-8076
Cheek, Jalen 919-545-8040
Education Navigator
Christian, Keisha 919-545-8077
Chemistry Instructor
Diniz, Beverly 919-545-8011
Chatham County Provost Executive Assistant
Fincher, Darren 919-545-8021
Maintenance Supervisor - Chatham Campus
Franks Jr., Gary
Grounds Technicians- Chatham
Gannon, Jeff 919-545-8032
Lead Instructor, Building Construction Technologies
Gardner, Billie
Garner, Anthony 919-545-8026
Lead Electrical Systems Technology Instructor
Goldston, Rhonda
Goodman, Fae 919-542-8047
Chatham Early College Liaison/Instructor
Gustavson, Amy (919) 545-8013
Associate Director of Student Onboarding and Success (Chatham)
Hall, Mark (919) 545-8043
Provost, Chatham County
Heesacker, Steve 919-545-8025
Business Administration Instructor
Kennedy, Amy 919-545-8030
Biology Instructor
Kohanowich, Robin 919-545-8031
Sustainable Farming Coordinator
Lassiter, James 919-545-8066
Chatham Lead Security Guard
Matthews, Beatrice 919-545-8029
AAC Facilitator
McMahan, Andrew 919-545-8036
EARTh Center Executive Director
Moose, Farrell 919-545-8068
Farm Manager/Instructor
Overcash, Kim 919-545-8039
English Instructor
Perry, Alisha 919-545-8024
Administrative Assistant
Rixon, Kristoffer 919-545-8067
Sociology Instructor
Schofield, Holly 919-545-8041
Psychology Instructor
Slagle, Elizabeth
EARTh Center Instructional Designer
Song, Yunqiu 919-545-8059
Communication Instructor
Thomas, John
Maintenance Technician
Vielman, Tiffany 919-545-8000
Administrative Assistant and Receptionist
Whitley, Blake 919-545-8078
Lead Math Instructor

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