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User Details

Learning Environment

I always manage my time effectively:

I always understand the instructions during class:

I learn more from studying at home rather than sitting in class:

Life & Academic Skills

I submit school assignments on time:

I have above average reading skills:

I have above average writing skills:

I am an independent learner and do not need to rely on my instructor to learn:

Distance Course Expectations

I can be a self-motivated learner in distance courses:

I can devote six or more hours per week to each of my distance courses:

My DE instructor should be expected to immediately return my emails:

Technology Skills & Access

I can utilize Microsoft Word easily:

I can easily access a computer any day of the week:

I can use the Internet to find the Google webpage in one minute or less:

I am able to access the internet any day of the week:

I am able to check and send email daily:

I know how to attach a document to an email:

I can download software onto my computer:

I can create, save, and manage files on my computer:

I can cut and paste from Microsoft Word into an email:

I can troubleshoot my own computer problems: