Automotive Restoration Technology

Are you looking for an exciting and rewarding career path in the automotive industry? Then the Central Carolina Community College Automotive Restoration program is for you! You will receive hands-on training in a wide variety of skills and instruction in automotive knowledge within the lucrative and ever expanding restoration industry. Whether you are interested in learning how to restore your own classic vehicle or wanting a career working on a part of automotive history, you will find that the skills learned within this program will allow you to experience pride in your work, challenge your creativity, and give you a sense of accomplishment. A career in automotive restoration allows you to take the lead in preserving a piece of history! Automotive history is full of amazing accomplishments, engineering marvels, and artistic masterpieces that must be preserved. From classic American … to European sports cars … to JDM heritage vehicles, all play an important role in the history of car culture. Not only are you preserving a physical piece of history, you are preserving memories and a way of life!

In the Central Carolina Community College Automotive Restoration program, students receive extensive hands-on training in a variety of subjects such as metal working, fabrication, painting, upholstery, electrical systems, engines, wood working, and welding. You also receive instruction on the historical significance of vehicle designs and structure. These skills can be used not only in restoration, but also in numerous other fields such as aviation and fabrication. Restoring classic vehicles involves problem solving, planning, and artistry – skills that also can be used in many other careers. An automotive restoration technician can work on every aspect of a vehicle from engine to paint -- or specialize in a specific area such as upholstery. Regardless of which path you choose in the restoration field, you will be part of a lucrative global industry and will be able to share in a camaraderie with others who have a passion for all things automotive!

What Students Learn

Students successfully completing the Automotive Restoration Program will be able to:

  • Recognize the major technological systems of the automobile
  • Explain authentic antique automobile restoration materials, methods, and techniques
  • Identify historical automotive research material sources, methods, and techniques necessary to complete and document historically accurate automotive restoration
  • Use materials and tools necessary to complete authentic automobile restoration work
  • Demonstrate the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to pursue a successful business career in antique automobile restoration
  • Recognize the historical role of the automobile in modern society
  • Identify related and supporting scientific fields

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Please Note:
Curriculum guides are for students enrolled during the current academic year. Students enrolled in a previous academic year should visit the Program Evaluation link in Self-Service to find the required list of courses for graduation. For assistance, consult your advisor.