Learning Starts Here: Second 8-Week Classes

Deadlines for registration and payment:

  • Second 8-Week Session:
    • 8-Week Classes begin on October 13
    • Payment due at registration

Whether you are looking for flexible course choices to meet your personal schedule or starting a new program of study, CCCC's 8-week terms allow you to find courses that fit your academic and career goals.

Contact your advisor or the Student Onboarding and Success office:

  • Lee Campus - (919) 718-7300
  • Chatham Campus - (919) 545-8025
  • Harnett Campus - (910) 814-8827

Our Student Onboarding and Success office is ready to assist you. Please visit the Student Onboarding and Success website for more ways to connect with us - we are ready to help.

Available Classes

Need help with the schedule?

Second 8-Week Session, beginning October 13

ACA 085 - Improving Study Skills - This course is required for all students on academic probation, suspension, or for those who want to improve their learning potential

Section Title Meeting Days Location Start End Bldg Room
ACA-085 LB281 Improving Study Skills M, W LMC 9:00 AM 9:50 AM Wilkinson 205
ACA-085 LB282 Improving Study Skills T, TH LMC 10:00 AM 10:50 AM Powell 811
ACA-085 LN283 Improving Study Skills Online
ACA-085 LN284 Improving Study Skills Online
ACA-122 LB283 College Transfer Success M, W LMC 10:00 AM 10:50 AM Bell 102
ACA-122 LB284 College Transfer Success T, TH LMC 11:00 AM 11:50 AM Bell 102
ACA-122 LB285 College Transfer Success T LMC 1:00 PM 2:50 PM Bell 102
ACA-122 LB286 College Transfer Success W LMC 1:00 PM 2:50 PM Bell 102
ACC-120 LN281 Principals of Financial Accounting Online
BPM-122 LB28A Upstream Processing T LMC 6:30 PM 10:30 PM Marchant 9235
BUS-110 LB28A Introduction to Business TH LMC 6:00 PM 8:00 PM Wilkinson 210
BUS-225 LC28A Business Finance W Online 6:00 PM 8:40 PM
COM-120 HB281 Intro to Interpersonal Communication T, TH HMC 10:00 AM 10:50 AM Mirello 133
ECO-251 LN281 Principles of Microeconomics Online
EDU-119 LN281 Intro to Early Child Education Online
EDU-145 LN281 Child Development II Online
EDU-262 LN281 Early Childhood Admin II Online
ELC-128 PB282 Intro to PLC MT CMC 8:00 AM 11:45 AM Sustain. Tech. 136
GEL-111 LN281 Geology Online
HEA-110 LN282 Personal Health and Wellness Online
HIT-114 LN281 Health Data Sys/Standards Online
MAT-152 LN281 Statistical Methods Online
MCM-111 LB281 Motorcycle Mechanics M, T, W, TH LMC 9:00 AM 1:50 PM Joyner 507
MED-121 LN281 Medical Terminology I Online
MED-122 LN281 Medical Terminology II Online
MKT-120 LN281 Principles of Marketing Online
PED-110 LN282 Fit and Wellness for Life Online
POL-120 LN-281 American Government Online
PSY-241 LN281 Developmental Psychology Online
SPA-112 PH281 Elementary Spanish II T, TH CMC 1:00 PM 2:15 PM Classroom and Science 108

Help with the Schedule

How to Read Course Section Numbering

First Character = Location (ACA 122 LM281)

  • B = West Harnett Center
  • F = Harnett Health Sciences Center
  • H = Harnett Main Campus
  • L = Lee Main Campus

Second Character = Delivery Method (ACA 122 LB281)

  • 0 = Traditional/seated class
  • B = Blended, meaning partially-online course with more than 50% of the class meeting face-to-face
  • H = Hybrid course, meaning the course meets 50% or more online with some face-to-face class meetings
  • N = 100% online course
  • V = Virtual course, meet at one of the three main campuses and instructors broadcast via Smart classrooms rotating from campus week-to-week
  • C = Collaborate, online synchronous course where the instructors meets online with the class via Blackboard Collaborate at designated times

Understanding Meeting Days

These are the day(s) a class will meet each week.

  • M = Monday
  • T = Tuesday
  • W = Wednesday
  • TH = Thursday
  • F = Friday
  • SA = Saturday
  • SU = Sunday