How to Pay a Current Balance or an Outstanding Balance in WebAdvisor

  1. Select the Log In tab
  2. Complete the User ID field, Password field, and click Submit
  3. Select Current Students
  4. In the Financial Information section, select Account Summary by Term
    Select Pay on My Account in the bottom right corner
  5. Type the amount to pay in the Payment Amount field(s)
    Select the Payment Type from the drop down menu
    Select Submit
  6. Complete all required information on the Electronic Card Entry screen
    Please ensure that the Billing Address is that of the cardholder
    Select Submit
  7. The Payment Confirmation screen should populate
    Print a copy for your records
    The confirmation should state the amount paid with your credit card as well as a reference number
    Select OK
  8. At this time you may make another selection within your student menu or log out.
  9. You should receive an email confirmation at the email address entered in step #6. Please retain this for your records.

**If you are paying an outstanding balance, please allow at least 48 hours for a Business Office hold to be released. If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office at 919-718-7517.