Registrar's Office

Transfer and Alternative Credit

CCCC accepts transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions under the following rules:

  • Student must request official transcripts to be sent to the Registrar's Office for evaluation. Official transcripts will not be evaluated until all transcripts (both high school and college) have been received.
  • When deemed necessary, student must provide course descriptions and/or course syllabi if they are needed to determine credit eligibility.
  • Some courses may be ineligible for transfer credit based on time limitations as set by specific curriculum programs.
  • Credit will be granted on a course-by-course basis for courses closely paralleling those offered at the college and must meet the credit hours of the CCCC course for which transfer credit is granted.
  • Transfer credit will not be calculated in the grade point average.
  • CCCC will only accept transfer credit for 2/3 of the courses necessary to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate. 1/3 of the courses must be earned for a grade at CCCC.

Once all transcripts have been reviewed, a student granted transfer credit will receive a letter notifying him/her which courses have been transferred to their CCCC curriculum.

The Registrar's Office reviews the following for transfer credit eligibility:

  • Transfer credit from regionally accredited two-year and four-year institutions
  • Advanced placement
  • Professional military education (PME)
  • Credit by experience (on a case-by-case basis only)
  • Articulated CTE High School to CC Credit
  • Credit by Examination