July 31, 2017

Humanities Electives for A.A.S. Students

  1. Note the updated list below of Humanities/Fine Arts Electives eligible to meet graduation requirements for A.A.S. students.
    • ART 111 Art Appreciation
    • DRA 111 Theatre Appreciation
    • ENG 125 Creative Writing
    • ENG 231 American Literature I
    • ENG 232 American Literature II
    • ENG 233 Major American Writers
    • ENG 243 Major English Writers
    • ENG 261 World Literature I
    • ENG 262 World Literature II
    • ENG 273 Africanā€American Literature
    • HUM 110 Technology and Society
    • HUM 115 Critical Thinking
    • HUM 120 Cultural Studies
    • HUM 122 Southern Culture
    • HUM 150 American Women's Studies
    • HUM 160 Introduction to Film
    • HUM 220 Human Values & Meaning
    • MUS 110 Music Appreciation
    • MUS 112 Introduction to Jazz
    • PHI 210 History of Philosophy
    • PHI 230 Introduction to Logic
    • PHI 240 Introduction to Ethics
    • REL 110 World Religions
    • REL 211 Introduction to Old Testament
    • REL 212 Introduction to New Testament

August 17, 2015

The following amendments to Academic Policy were adopted by the college's Academic Policy Committee in Spring 2014. These changes were mistakenly excluded from the 2015-2016 Catalog.

  1. Enrollment Period for the ACA course, Page 15, CCCC Catalog:

    All new students are expected to participate in an orientation process that is intentionally planned and guided by administration, the College Success Center, the Student Services Department, the faculty, and the Student Government Association CCCC's "extended orientation" model consists of: (1) an on-campus orientation that will help students make an initial connection to the campus, administration, faculty, students and services, and policies; and (2) ACA "first-year experience" courses to be taken during the student's first 2 semesters of enrollment which are designed with a common core curriculum that help to introduce students to more intensive academic-and-college-related concepts to encourage persistence and college/career success.

  2. Alternate Method to Meet First-Year Success Course (ACA) Requirement, Page 15, CCCC Catalog, Recommended addition under "Academic Information" section
    ACA Course Waiver Guidelines

    The following students may be waived from the ACA requirement by an academic dean but may still need to fulfill the one credit hour on their program of study:

    • Those who produce evidence of holding a college-level degree from a regionally accredited institution; or Transfer students who receive at least 18 hours credit for prior academic work and/or who demonstrate competency and skills that will facilitate the successful transfer into and persistence in the chosen degree program at Central Carolina Community College. At the dean's discretion, transfer students with 12 hours of earned credit will also be considered if earned as a fulltime student; or
    • Those who have completed an ACA course at the 100-level or above from Central Carolina Community College or another North Carolina Community College, or who have received prior credit for an equivalent course.

    Students who receive the proper signatures on the Credit by Experience form will then be referred to the College Success Center to complete an online ACA tutorial that covers CCCC success.