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Harnett Correctional (HCI)
1210 E. McNeil Street
Lillington, NC 27546
fax numbers

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Anderson, Dirk 910-893-2751
College and Career Readiness Instructor
Best, Major 910-984-8521
Barbering/Cosmetology Instructor
Coleman, Kevin 910-808-4014
Welding Instructor
Creswell, Walter 910-080-4012
Masonry Instructor
Ewers, Garrick 910-984-8908
Food Service Tech Instructor
Johnson, Joshua 910-984-8919
Director of Corrections Education Programs
Mercer, Ed 910-893-2751, ext. 327
College and Career Readiness Instructor
Nickens, Samuel 910-808-4015
Carpentry Instructor
Taylor, William 910-984-9828
Electrical Systems Instructor
Weaver, Lauren 910-984-8916
HCI Office and Grant Coordinator

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