Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Advising

What is academic advising?

Academic advising is the ongoing process where you will partner with your advisor to consider your career and academic goals and develop the plan to achieve them.

What is an academic advisor?

At CCCC, an academic advisor is a faculty member, who will work to understand your career and academic goals and will partner with you to determine an academic pathway to achieve them. Your advisor will connect you to appropriate resources and educate you on the policies of the college. CCCC Admissions Counselors also work in this role and may work with you until you are formally admitted into an academic program.

How do I determine who my advisor is?

You can determine who your advisor is by accessing your Aviso account.

What can I expect from an Academic Advisor?

  • To discuss with you your career and academic goals
  • To provide you with timely and accurate information regarding degree and certificate programs
  • To help you create a plan for completion of your degree and or certificate
  • To discuss transfer opportunities available through established articulation agreements
  • To inform you of the various support services (i.e. tutors, financial aid, accommodations for learning, and other such services)

What does an Academic Advisor expect from me?

  • To be prepared with any relevant information to ensure your appointment will be productive (i.e. having a list of prepared questions and concerns).
  • To inform him/her of any issues or struggles that you are having in class in a timely manner. This will help ensure that appropriate steps are taken to assist you.
  • To keep your scheduled appointments. If you are not able to keep your appointment with the Academic Advisor, your responsibility is to call or email and let him/her know that you are unable to meet.

When should I see my advisor?

  • You are encouraged to see your advisor anytime that you feel you want to update your career or academic goals.
  • You should also see your advisor to update him/her on any concerns about your classes, including whether or not you need to withdraw from them.
  • You will also see your advisor during pre-registration/registration time to discuss your course selection for next term.
  • Most students see or contact their advisors 2-3 times a semester.

I am an online student; how do I meet with my advisor?

Different advisors work with online students differently. Some prefer phone calls, others will want to work with you with online video conferencing (such as Collaborate) or through other technologies. You and your advisor can determine the plan that works best for you.

Do I need an appointment to see my advisor?

Many advisors prefer appointments just to ensure they have available all of the information they need to work with you. However, do not hesitate to contact your advisor by email or phone to schedule an appointment. If you want to drop in, that is OK too.

How long does an advising appointment last?

Depending on the goals and the needs of the appointment, some advising appointments may only last a few minutes while some can last 30 minutes or more.

Will my advisor change while I am at CCCC?

Most students will have the same faculty advisor while they are at CCCC. There are some programs, notably in the Health Sciences, where you will have one person advising you before you are accepted into the program and then receive a different advisor once you begin. Of course, if your plans change while you are at CCCC and you decide to pursue a different program, your advisor will likely change.

Why is there an advising hold each semester?

An advising hold is placed on each student's account each semester to ensure that students work with their advisors on their academic plan and course selections. Given that there can be changes to the availability of courses, student availability to take certain classes, and other dynamics, working with your advisor prior to registration eliminates many potential issues.

Can I change my program of study? Will my advisor change if I do?

Yes, you may change your program of study. If you change your program of study, your advisor should change to an advisor in your new program. If you are unsure as to which program is the right fit for you, please complete our MAP: Embark career interest inventory

Will my CCCC GPA transfer if I transfer to another institution?

No, you will receive credit for the hours, but it will not factor into your GPA at another institution.

How do I register for classes?

Start by reviewing the registration how to PDF.

Will I be assigned an advisor if I am taking classes as a special credit (non-degree seeking) student?

Yes, an admissions counselor will be assigned as your advisor. Please see your Aviso profile page to determine who will be working with you.

What are prerequisite classes?

A prerequisite is a course you need to either be eligible for or have completed and passed with a grade of C or better prior in order to register for another course.

What are corequisite classes?

A corequisite is a course that you must have either taken previously or you may take simultaneously with the course that has the corequisite.

Do I really need to take and complete my ACA class in the first or second semester?

Yes, the ACA course will assist you in succeeding in your other courses and navigating your academic pathway smoothly.

Do all classes transfer to another college or university?

No, please refer to the Transfer Students page.