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CCCC offers conversational Chinese

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Ling Huang, visiting instructor for Central Carolina Community College's Confucius Classroom, will ... (more)

08.16.2012Continuing EducationCollege & Community

SANFORD - Planning a trip to China or just curious about the language and culture of the largest, most populous nation on the planet?

Either way, Central Carolina Community College is offering a class you don't want to miss: Conversational Chinese.

Ling Huang, an English instructor from Nanjing Normal University in the People's Republic of China, will teach the class. Since 2011, she has been the visiting instructor for the college's Confucius Classroom. Ling is fluent in English and excited about sharing her native language with Americans.

"Conversational Chinese is an ideal course for adults without any Chinese language background," she said. "Students will learn the basic Mandarin phonetic system and will practice frequently used Chinese expressions and everyday words."

Oral and listening skills will be emphasized and the basic Chinese grammar and character writing system will be introduced.

The course (# L-3210) is offered through the college's Continuing Education Department. Classes run 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m., Aug. 21 through Nov. 20, in Room 9106 of the Science Building at the Lee County Campus, 1105 Kelly Drive, Sanford. The program cost is $120. For more information or to enroll in Chinese Conversation, call the CCCC Continuing Education Department in Lee County at 919-777-7793.

Chinese is second only to English as an international language of business. In 2009, CCCC collaborated with North Carolina State University's Confucius Institute to establish the college's Confucius Classroom. It brings Chinese instruction and cultural events to the area to increase understanding of that nation, its cultures, and people. It also facilitates communication and contacts between China and the people, businesses, and governments in the college's service area. CCCC was the first community college in the nation to establish a Confucius Classroom. The Institute and Classroom are initiatives of the Chinese Ministry of Education.