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CCCC Lee Campus holds Activity Day

Click to enlarge CCCC Lee Campus holds Activity Day

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Adam Safrit, a Machining/Tool & Die student from Siler City, triesrnhis skill at riding a ... (more)

Click to enlarge CCCC Lee Campus holds Activity Day

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Paul Rader (left) and Adam Safrit, Machining/Tool & Die studentsrnfrom Siler City, try their ... (more)


SANFORD — Music, camaraderie and laughter filled the air as CentralrnCarolina Community College’s Lee County Campus held its Spring ActivityrnDay Wednesday.

Books and tests were putrnaside for a few hours in the afternoon and the college’s quadrangle wasrnturned over to rides, activities and music. Students discovered thatrncircling on a Whirly Bird, balancing on a “surfboard,” or “jousting”rnbrought lots of laughter, even for those tipped off by the mechanicalrntilting surf board or knocked down by a padded joust pole. Cushioned byrnair-filled mats, the spills didn’t even result in injured pride, justrnmore laughter.

The college has beenrnholding an Activity Day during the fall and spring semesters since atrnleast the 1970s, according to Mike Neal, Student Activities director.rnThe Student Government Association at each of the college’s threerncampuses sponsors the event.

“It’s the onerntime that all classes are cancelled and students go out and have funrnwith their instructors in an informal setting,” he said. “It’s arnlaid-back day.”

A number of students triedrntheir sea legs on the surfboard. It didn’t take long for the ride torntip them off, but it was fun while it lasted. Students stood around therninflated ring surrounding the surfboard, cheering on and laughing withrnany who attempted it.

Stella Holder, arnparalegal student from Harnett County, said, “I love Activity Day. It’srnnot because there are no classes — I love my classes — but because itrngives us an opportunity to bond with other students and staff.”

Thosernwho were not trying rides or in the Cougar Café munching a free lunch,rngathered on the quadrangle to enjoy several hours of entertainmentrnhosted by the Broadcast students and their radio station, WDCC-90.5 FM.rnStudent groups, from Christian rock to rap, shared their talents.

MotorcyclernMechanics students put their pride on display with a line of shinyrnmotorcycles of various makes and vintages owned by themselves orrnfaculty. The owners enjoyed talking about them as students stopped byrnto look. Terry Kopen, of Dunn, brought his 1977 Harley-Davidson FLH.

“ActivityrnDay is a great thing because people have a great time and people get tornshow off what they can do,” he said, then added with a smile, “and wernmotorcycle mechanics are show-offs!”

LonniernGross, a service operations area representative for Harley-DavidsonrnMotor Co., was at the campus, enjoying his first Activity Day,rnparticularly the motorcycle display.

“Thisrnis what motorcycling is about,” he said, “the enthusiasm, fun,rncamaraderie, friendship, bragging and sharing tips. As for the trainingrnprogram, I’m impressed with the technicians who come from here. Itrnmakes a difference in the industry.”

EddiernBerry, of Cox’s Harley-Davidson, in Asheboro, was at the event with arn$40,000 bright orange, customized 2007 Harley-Davidson SoftailrnStandard. Berry’s boss, Gary “Poochie” Cox, is a cancer survivor ofrnthree years. Now, he’s doing his part to raise money to find a cure forrnthe disease. He donated the cycle and Berry is touring the state,rnselling raffle tickets for it. Funds raised will be donated to thernRelay for Life in Cox’s home county of Randolph.

Anotherrnraffle for a good cause was also taking place. The CCCC StudentrnAmbassadors group was selling tickets for a drawing for a 1994 BuickrnRegal.

The Buick is not just any car; itrnbelonged to Kathryn Woltz, who was an admissions counselor at the LeernCampus before she died suddenly in August 2006. Her family donated therncar to the CCCC Foundation to be raffled off to raise funds for thernKathryn Woltz Scholarship Fund established in her honor. Tickets forrndrawing will also be sold Thursday at the Harnett Campus’ Activity Dayrnin Lillington.