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McSwain Grant aids rising community leaders

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Click to enlarge,  Ruby McSwain (center), who established the Ernest and Ruby McSwainrnCharitable Foundation, presents a grant check for $3,000 to CentralrnCarolina Community College President Matt Garrrett as W. Woods Doster,rnMcSwain Foundation board member, looks on. The grant will be used tornestablish a ‘Presentation Skills for Community Leaders’ program at therncollege, training them in public speaking. A chapter of ToastmastersrnInternational will be established at the college.

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Ruby McSwain (center), who established the Ernest and Ruby McSwainrnCharitable Foundation, presents ... (more)


SANFORD - The Ernest and Ruby McSwain Charitable Foundation hasrnawarded a grant to Central Carolina Community College for a newrnprogram, “Presentation Skills for Community Leaders.”

CCCCrnPresident Matt Garrett accepted a $3,000 check on behalf of the collegernfrom Ruby McSwain, who established the foundation, at a luncheon Fridayrnat the Worthy House.

“The ability tornspeak in public is an essential skill for success in most vocations,rnand is helpful in all vocations,” Garrett said. “The college is veryrnpleased to have an organization like the McSwain Charitable Foundationrnright here in Sanford that is interested in promoting strong publicrnpresentation abilities. This is just one of many improvements that RubyrnMcSwain has made in Lee County.”

Therncollege is asking the community to help identify rising leaders whorncould benefit from this opportunity. Churches, chambers of commerce,rnnonprofit organizations, civic groups, and businesses in Lee, Chatham,rnand Harnett counties may nominate up-and-coming leaders for therntraining. Three skill-building programs, one in each county, will bernestablished. A committee will select those to participate from thernnominees in each county.

ForrestrnGreenslade, of Fearrington Village, noted speaker, author, artist,rnretired executive, and member of Toastmaster’s International, willrnfacilitate the weekly sessions. He holds Toastmasters International’srnhighest educational certification, Distinguished Toastmaster. In 2001,rnhe was recognized as North Carolina’s Toastmaster of the Year.

Oncernparticipants complete the Presentation Skills for Community Leadersrnprogram, they will have an opportunity to make brief presentations inrnfront of an invited audience, followed by an award ceremony andrnreception. Graduates of the program will also have the opportunity tornfurther refine their skills by participating in a new ToastmastersrnInternational club.

The McSwainrnFoundation grant will fund new member application fees for all thernparticipants, in addition to their initial program scholarships. Afterrnthe grant ends, the new Toastmasters International chapter willrncontinue as a CCCC club and will be open to current or formerrncurriculum or continuing education students and CCCC staff.